Erase lost key from car memory

Did you know that in case of a lost car key, you don’t have to rekey your ignition anymore? Most car keys today contain a chip that must be synced to the car computer. In case of a lost car key, the car ECU can be reset and erase all the stored keys.

Lost Car Key

From the late 90’s, most – if not all – cars has started using a computer chip too as an additional security feature. Ford used the PATS (Passive Anti Theft System), GM With the PK3 keys, Chrysler with the SKIM module, Toyota, Lexus, VW, Audi and more. Different companies used different systems, that share one thing in common. Those cars computers can be reset by a dealer or a local auto locksmith. By resetting the computer, the dealer/locksmith can erase lost key from car memory.

Program car key

Erase lost key from car memory.

How to Erase Lost Key From Car Memory

In order to erase the old key you will need a dealer scan tool or a professional locksmith diagnostic tools. The procedure is different for each car because of the different systems that are in use. Some examples listed below:

Nissan/ Infiniti/ Honda/ Acura/ VW/ Audi – If you lost your last key and have no spare, than the  computer will reset during the programming procedure. If you just want to add a spare key, you will have to reset it manually.

Ford/ Mercury – 2 keys needed to reset the computer.

Toyota/ Lexus/ Scion – Older models – the computer needs to be replaced or re-flashed in order to register new keys (in case you lost your last car key). New models – Reseting the computer is part of the process when registering a replacement car key. For a spare key – ask your locksmith to reset the computer manually.