If you have roadside service coverage with your insurance policy, or if you have a separate roadside policy (i.e. AAA) than you can have your insurace company dispatch a local locksmith that they are contracting with or you can submit your invoice to the insurance company and get reimbursed for part of the expense (Normally $50-$100) based on your policy. Unlike insurance claims - if you are enrolled into the roadside assistance program - a replacement key will not go as a claim on your policy and will not increase your monthly payments.
Well, based on your car make, year & model, a local car locksmith can provide you with an accurate estimate. However, we normally break the car keys rates into 3 major categories:
  • Service key (no chip): $60 - $80
  • Transponder key (Chip): $100 - $150
  • Proximity Key (Push to Start ignition): $100 - $280
Please note: if you required service at your location - trip charge fee may apply. 
No, you don't. Although most dealers will recommend replacing the locks (Cost $400 - $600), a local motorcycle locksmith can cut you a replacement key to your motorcycle for a fraction of that price. Unfortunately, most dealers (Harley Davidson excluded) does not keep your bike key code information. This is why they will suggest replacing all the locks if your original key has been lost. A locksmith can originate a new key for you in a matter of minutes, by either decoding your ignition lock cylinder or by removing the gas cap lock and read the wafers depths & spaces.
Most motorcycle keys cost $100 - $150. That price includes the trip charge fee (The locksmith comes to your location), labor charges (One hour on average) and the cost for the first key. Since most motorcycle does not have a chipped key, a 2nd key will cost you $10-$15 extra, so we highly recommend getting a 2 keys deal!
On average, a house rekey cost is $80 - $140. Most locksmiths will give you their travel fee ($35-$65) + lock cylinder rekeying cost ($11 - $25). Simply multiply that price with the number of your locks, add the service charge and that's it. Some companies will charge you for keys, some provide keys at no charge and some will provide the first 2-4 keys at no cost and charge you extra for additional keys.