How to get a replacement Mazda car key

How To Get a Replacement Mazda Key

Lost Mazda key? Don’t just tow your car to the nearest dealership. There are other ways to get a replacement Mazda key. Faster, cheaper and on-site! Yes, you do not have to tow your car, we come to you and make the keys on-site.  Read more “How To Get a Replacement Mazda Key”

Lost only car key (Toyota)

Lost Toyota Tundra Key

Lost Toyota Tundra key replacement service – On-site key cutting & programming – with upfront pricing & no hidden fees. From early models and all the way to the latest smart key. No towing required. This is how.. Read more “Lost Toyota Tundra Key”

Chevy Logo

Lost Chevrolet Car Key

Hire a locksmith now if you lost Chevrolet car key and need a replacement! We offer same day service, affordable rates and professional locksmith service.  Read more “Lost Chevrolet Car Key”

Lost Ford Mustang Car Key

Lost Ford Mustang Key

Lost Ford Mustang key replacement service! We offer around the clock auto locksmith service to replace lost Ford Mustang car keys. Read more “Lost Ford Mustang Key”

Jeep Cherokee Key Replacement

Lost 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Key

Lost Jeep key? The Lock Guyz® offer local auto locksmith service with upfront pricing and NO hidden fees. Trust our local locksmiths to provide top notch service! We offer local Jeep Locksmith service.  Read more “Lost 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Key”

Lost Hummer Key

Lost Hummer Key

What can you do if you lost your Hummer key? Would you rather tow your Hummer to the nearest dealership or pay less and have it serviced on site?  Read more “Lost Hummer Key”

Lost only car key Honda

Lost Only Car Key

How to get replacement car key when you lost the only car key and have no spare? Find out how a local locksmith can provide on-site car key replacement. Read more “Lost Only Car Key”

Lost Jeep Wrangler Key

What is the best way to get a replacement key for a Jeep Wrangler? How far back does the Chrysler dealer keeps a record of your Jeep key code and what how can you get a Jeep Wrangler replacement key if your ignition and door key do not match? We’ve tried to answer those questions in this article.  Read more “Lost Jeep Wrangler Key”

Phoenix Locksmith for Cars

Most people don’t know that a locksmith can make a replacement car key, motorcycle key or repair car ignition switches. if you need a local auto locksmith in Phoenix, AZ – you can trust our local outfit to come to the rescue.  Read more “Phoenix Locksmith for Cars”

Broken Ford ignition - Ignition Repair Phoenix

2002 Ford Ranger Ignition Repair

Many older Ford Ranger ignition switch cylinders are sharing a common problem. The wear and tear on this amazing truck ignition can cause the end of the ignition switch tail piece to simply break, causing your ignition to just spin without actually starting the truck. Read more “2002 Ford Ranger Ignition Repair”